FoulingCure Concept

- Cleaning during full operation and load - with no down time

Background for the development

The FoulingCure technology has been developed and patented based experience within the plate heat exchanger industry. Wanted to find a solution to prevent the fast deterioration of heat exchangers' effectiveness, which can be a very expensive in energy loss and time-consuming maintenance task.


The decline in effectiveness explained
A plate heat exchanger requires a large heat transfer area and a low flow rate to procure high performance. In fact, a plate heat exchanger is the piece of equipment in a process line with the lowest flow rate. Therefore, fouling can easily settle and accumulate.


At the same time, the plate heat exchanger is designed to create liquid turbulence – which ensures optimal transfer of energy via the plates. In addition, the turbulence further ensures that fouling are washed off the plates – also known as the self-cleaning effect.


The self-cleaning effect is a function of the turbulence, and the turbulence increases exponentially to the liquid flow rate.
By doubling the flow rate, the self-cleaning effect increases by 4. When tripling the flow rate, the self-cleaning effect increases 9 times, etc. In other words, FoulingCure uses the flow effect to keep the heat exchanger free from fouling.

The FoulingCure cleaning system

Based on an increase in the flow rate of 200–300%, the FoulingCure system secures an increase in the self-cleaning effect of 400–900% – leaving the plate heat exchanger as good as new in terms of performance after every cleaning cycle. The increased flow rate is provided by an external pump. The FoulingCure rinsing head covers 1–3 plate channels at a time.

Your advantage

The cleaning process is performed while the plate heat exchanger is in full operation – without any energy loss or operational downtime. We simply flush the plate heat exchanger with regular intervals and keep it clean for years before carrying out the next full service.

FoulingCure can be mounted on all plate heat exchangers, regardless of the type or brand.

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